Coolsaet GO is a Personal Run Coach service owned and operated by Canadian Olympian Reid Coolsaet



Unfortunately, I don’t have room to take on athletes at this point.
If you fill out the questionnaire I will be able to contact you when there is space available.
Thanks a lot.

“As one of Canada’s most experienced elite distance runners Reid’s name has been synonymous with performance, and I’ve seen first hand how he is able to channel his years of knowledge to help improve runners like myself who want to get to that next level.
There is no question that under his coaching you’ll get your PR’s, new distance goals or Strava KOM’s, but crucially I’ve found Reid’s biggest asset as a coach is his ability to inspire the belief that you are far better than the limits we put on ourselves.
Goals that seemed “out of the wheelhouse” are suddenly possible.”

– Andrew T.


“Reid’s guidance is priceless. His experience is highly valuable and an asset to his coaching program.”

– Gabriel J.T